Food in Life, Life in Food

| 3 min read

I love food. I love to eat food. I love to work with food but I think most of all I like to see food as my partner in serving, caring for and bringing delight to those I love. It brings me so much joy to work with all the beautiful, flavorful, abundant and edible...

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VocationOn Daily Work

Real Food is Real Work

| 14 min read

TWI: To be fully transparent, we should acknowledge that this is our second recorded interview with you, Jessica, after a computer glitch wiped out our last one. Thank you for this generous donation of your time–again! We’ll look at our last conversation as a kind of a rough draft. I suppose it’s a lot like...

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Institute for Faith Vocation Culture

CultureChristianity & Culture

A Sense of Place in Globalization

| 5 min read

Recently, I was talking with a Pastor friend at a coffee shop about the importance of a “sense of place” in a globalizing world. This is particularly relevant in Washington, DC, where many of our friends are frequently absent, “off the map,” spread across the globe. We both came from divided countries (Korea and Ireland)...

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