FaithTheological Reflections

Eternal Functional Subordination of the Son (EFS), Part II: Why It Misunderstands Us

| 9 min read

In my previous article, I argued that characterizing the eternal relations of the immanent Trinity as authority and submission blurs theological and philosophical distinctions that are crucial for maintaining Trinitarian orthodoxy. Further, because EFS is employed by its main proponents to ground a certain version of anthropology and gender roles, we must also address EFS’s...

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Missio on Genesis 1: To Flourish, Or Merely Survive — That is the Question for Dual Income Families

| 6 min read

Too many modern families run ragged, leaving everyone exhausted and unable to flourish for God’s glory.  I’ve seen and experienced – both as a pastor, as well as a husband and father – the struggle to translate the concept of dominion (building, creating, governance, planting, and rule) from theory into practical daily family life. This...

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