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FaithBiblical Reflections

Ruth In, Syrians Out

| 3 min read

In and through the sheltering and kind presence of God, Ruth is given the grace to devote herself fully to work.  The scripture says, “So she came, and she has continued from early morning until now, except a short rest.”  I do not think this passage alone justifies stringent versions of the Protestant Work ethic. ...

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CultureCurrent Conversations

Missio on Strife: Federalist No. 10 and Genesis 13

| 4 min read

“Is not the whole land before you?” In Congress, a culture of political strife clouds the atmosphere as spiteful statements daily crackle off flaming tongues.  Congress is a combat zone where politicians throw deadly verbal grenades, launch legislative bazookas seeking to destroy the foundations of the other party’s achievements, and dig deep filibustering trenches in order...

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