FaithBiblical Reflections

Missio on Genesis 1: Rewind

| 3 min read

You’ll have to think back for this. Get ready to go old school. Think back before any conversation about lead in Flint, Michigan. Think before fluorocarbons, before anybody had even heard the words “global warming,” before there was a half-life of plastic. This is way before plastics. Think before smog, smokestacks, chemical plants, and paper...

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CultureChristianity & Culture

Words That Matter

| 4 min read

Cult. Cultivate. Culture. Last week in Bratislava, Slovakia, at the conference, “Visions for the Marketplace,” in one lecture I talked about these three words. They are not only etymologically connected, but philosophically too. They define each other, each in their own ways growing out of the other. They push-and-shove each other, moving back-and-forth on each...

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