VocationFinding Your Vocation

The Courage to Choose

| 7 min read

What do you do when there’s no single “right answer”?  Like many 20-somethings, I’ve spent the last few years wondering about my how my future career might turn out, constantly finding myself asking the question I’ve been hearing my whole life: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I finished college with...

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FaithBiblical Reflections

A Proverb in a Collection is Dead?

| 12 min read

Attempts to read straight through the Bible rarely make it as far as Proverbs.  The descriptions of the tabernacle in Exodus often knock out the first group of would-be “Bible in a year” neophytes.  If that doesn’t do, Leviticus is waiting, and after the surprising relief of Numbers being a delightful if also disturbing book,...

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VocationOn Daily Work

Dealing with Disappointment at Work

| 5 min read

Working with young adults starting their first jobs, I am often asked about disappointment at work. The expectation-reality gap of a new job can be an especially striking and confusing aspect of life in a fallen world. About 10 years ago, a company hired me to sort some of its problems. I was eager to...

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