VocationVisions of Vocation

Beyond Death

| 4 min read

“Beyond the door, there’s peace, I’m sure And I know there’ll be no more tears in heaven” There are mysteries in this life, questions with answers that are hard to come by, difficult to make sense of, perplexing to live with. The meaning of heaven, and the meaning of earth, are like that. What are...

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FaithLiturgical Reflections

The Late Great Sunday Service

| 8 min read

Wednesday March 12th. That was the day our church leadership decided to cancel the upcoming Sunday service in response to the appearance of COVID 19 in our county.  The virus, whose impact to that point had been largely minimal in surrounding states, was now at our doorstep, threatening to dismantle church life as we knew...

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CultureCurrent Conversations

Coronavirus and the Two Greatest Commandments

| 11 min read

German churches have regathered for public worship but without singing.  Why? Groups as ideologically varied as CNN and The Gospel Coalition have reported increasing anecdotal evidence that indicates singing together spreads the coronavirus quite destructively, with the case of a Washington State choir practice being one of the most noted.  The National Academy of Engineering,...

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