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Missio on Strife: The Artistry of Work

| 3 min read

In Alsace, France there is a sixteenth century painting, the Isenheim Altarpiece, which depicts the Crucifixion with John the Baptist and Mary on either side of Jesus.  Many details are noteworthy here, but what I love most is John’s finger.  He is pointing to Jesus.  While it may seem insignificant compared to other imagery in...

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Unconnected in a World of Digital Connections – Part 3: Trinity, Idolatry, Twitter, and Facebook

| 4 min read

In the current blog series on communication technologies, we have sought to bring attention to the way in which the specific form of communication influences both the content and user. This is to say that when technology is used as a medium of communication, it exhibits biases that have consequences for the nature of communication....

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