FaithBiblical Reflections

Apocalypse Then, Apocalypse Now: What About the Second Half of Daniel?

| 14 min read

Midway through the book of Daniel, everything changes.  Nice, well-ordered stories that have fed generations of Sunday School kids suddenly give way to seemingly bizarre visions with strange imagery and uncertain interpretation. Daniel 1–6 are incredibly helpful for us in that they model a kind of belief in God, a type of posture toward the...

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FaithLiturgical Reflections

Joy to the World, the Lord is Coming

| 5 min read

As we have emphasized this year at TWI, Advent is traditionally a season of waiting. Traditionally, the Christmas hymns, the celebrations, the parties—they all waited until the beginning of the twelve days of Christmas. Instead, Advent songs were songs of longing, waiting and longing for Christmas to come. And the point was to remind Christians...

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VocationOn Daily Work

Proverbs and Work

| 12 min read

North American society seems to be in the midst of a first world problem: the great reevaluation of work.  Work used to be Mr. Incredible, pushing paper in a job literally too small for him.  Then it became work from home, then the Great Resignation, then Quiet Quitting, and then Quiet Firing.  We have some...

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