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Conversation: Discerning Vocation as a Community

| 7 min read

[Editor’s note: This is the third, and final, post in the “Slow Work of Life” series, a collaboration between TWI’s Missio and Slow Church exploring the patient ways that vocation can be cultivated in a community through particular communal disciplines. Read the first post, by Josh Stoxen, here, and the second one on reading and vocation, also by Chris Smith, here.] As...

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Deepening the Soul for Justice: An Interview with Bethany Hoang

| 8 min read

Bethany Hoang discusses her book Deepening the Soul for Justice (IVP, 2013) with TWI's Missio. "To wade into the pain, the sadness, the darkness of just how wrong things can be is to bring something into your own life that can be utterly crushing. But the Scriptures teach us that it isn’t meant to be a crushing load. It’s a load that Jesus carries. So for us to move into the crushing reality of injustice with hope, with joy, and with strength only happens when we are entering it with Jesus. And we can only enter with Jesus when we have opened ourselves to his presence and to what he has to give us. That’s what the disciplines do."

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