VocationOn Daily Work

Why Work?

| 9 min read

According to the Wall Street Journal: “The COVID economic shock has unleashed unprecedented creative destruction, sharply accelerating the transformation that we once quaintly called the “future of work.”[i]Others suggest that this new normal “Work 2.0” was inevitable.[ii] With Millennials comprising most of today’s workforce, including their common demand for relaxed office environments and flexible schedules,...

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VocationVisions of Vocation

The Task of Translation

| 5 min read

Tacos and tortillas are easy. And adios is like that. But what about las golondrinas? and Sacramento? Having grown up in California, I began to learn Spanish in the second grade, making my way through elementary letters and numbers, year by year learning something of the complexity of another language. And while I never became...

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VocationFinding Your Vocation

“Because I Want To?” – A Christian Approach to Desire and Vocational Calling

| 10 min read

Many will remember the old game show The $64,000 Question, an American television staple in the 1950’s.  As time passes, fewer may remember that the phrase predated the show.  The phrase “$64,000 question” indicated the question at the heart of the issue, often the question hardest to answer.  One can see the obvious appeal when...

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VocationOn Daily Work

Motherhood as Vocation

| 8 min read

This article is reposted from its first publication in 2009. We’ve found these reflections to have lasting relevance, and to be well worth revisiting.   In Washington DC, it is only a matter of time before the kind woman standing next to me at a cocktail party will turn from talking with my husband and ask the inevitable,...

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